Suppliers Threaten Closure of Livingstonia Technical College in Rumphi Over Unpaid Invoices


Suppliers working with Livingstonia Technical College in Rumphi have issued a stern ultimatum, threatening to close down vital facilities including the kitchen, stores building, and the bursar’s office.

Their demand is simple: the college must settle their outstanding payments by Thursday of this week.

The suppliers have voiced their grievances, revealing that the institution owes them a significant amount of over 9.5 million Kwacha.

Despite their consistent supply of items such as maize, beans, vegetables, as well as non-food items like sand, bricks, and quarry stones since 2021, the college has failed to meet its financial obligations.

In response to these allegations, the acting principal of Livingstonia Technical College, Hastings Nkhoma, explained that payment authorizations were withheld due to the suppliers lacking valid documents issued by the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

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