An incredibly horrifying account about herself was revealed by a 45-year-old Zimbabwean woman.

She described how a strange and horrific snake ceremony forced her to leave her marital home.

The woman, who went by the name Juliet Murwira, claimed to H-Metro that her husband had used her in a snake-related ritual to increase the success of his company, Ngoshi Transport. She mentioned that her spouse has more than 50 children and several brides.

The Zimbabwean woman said; “Mungoshi is the owner of Ngoshi Transport and he has been using me for years to make money. The juju he uses requires him to sleep with different women, and me to sleep with his snake. I ran away because I couldn’t bear the pain anymore.

“It has been two years since I left him and l don’t know why he keeps chasing after me, and accusing me of eloping with another man.”

Responding to the allegations, Mungoshi questioned why she remained silent for over two decades if these rituals were happening all along.

He said; “I have been married to Juliet for more than 20 years, how come she kept quiet for all those years that she had been sleeping with a snake? She is just trying to run away from the fact that she had been sleeping with Richmore Matambanadzo, who is based in the United Kingdom.

“I am not saying this because I want her back, but l want the world to know what Juliet did to me.”

The publication reported that Kennedy Mungoshi expressed his shock at finding Juliet gone and learnt about her departure from neighborhood gossip.

Source: Naijaphobia

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