It is common knowledge that the cost of fuel in any given region has a significant effect on the economy. The cost of fuel, especially gasoline, and diesel, has an impact on a number of areas of everyday living, including consumer spending habits and transportation expenditures. Some areas have recently seen periods of extraordinarily low gasoline costs, which offer both advantages and drawbacks.

The effects of rising fuel prices are having a severe impact on the African economy, as they do on many other countries across the globe. Numerous industries, including transportation, social welfare, economic development, and inflation, are significantly impacted by fuel costs. As countries across Africa seek sustainable growth, the challenge of managing rising fuel prices presents a complex conundrum that requires rigorous research and innovative solutions.

However, there are countries on the continent that still enjoy a relatively low cost of fuel. Simply put, a number of African countries sell fuel below the global average price of $1.33 per liter, while some sell fuel at an inconveniently high cost, especially when you consider the entire economy of such regions. Only 13 African nations sell at or above the world average price, highlighting Africa’s capacity to mitigate the global energy crisis.

The ten African nations with the lowest fuel prices are shown below. The list is courtesy of Global-petrol Prices. a platform that updates fuel prices across the globe daily.

1. Libya $0.031 3rd
2. Algeria $0.338 4th
3. Angola $0.364 6th
4. Egypt $0.372 7th
5. Tunisia $0.817 23rd
6. Nigeria $0.822 24th
7. Liberia $0.937 31st
8. Sudan $0.992 35th
9. Gabon $1.011 37th
10. Botswana $1.073 41st



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