Missing woman found dead in Zambia


A decomposed body matching the description of a 20-year-old student from Lusaka’s Chelston area has been found in Mazabuka, Southern Province.

Charity Mushaukwa was reported missing to Chelston Police Station on 24th July, 2023 and her body has only been discovered almost a month later in Mazabuka District.

This was after an employee of Chilala Farm in Mazabuka noticed a swarm of flies near a mango tree, accompanied by a strong stench and discovered a dead body.

Mazabuka Police visited the scene and found a cellphone near the body, which provided contact numbers, one of which belonged to her father, Sikuto Mushaukwa.

Police Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga says a team comprised of relatives to the deceased, police and a pathologist travelled to Mazabuka to identify the body and proceed with a postmortem examination, determining the actual cause of death.


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Robert Ngwira
Robert Ngwira
Attended Our Future Private Secondary School in Rumphi from 2006-2009 Holder of Diploma in Journalism from Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) Hobbies, reading newspapers, going out with friends, listening to radio and watching football. Email: info@faceofmalawi.com


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