Malawian Netzens have asked Ghanaian digital influencer Wodemaya, to delete his post on twitter as it is spreading fake stories about the country.
Wodemaya who is in Malawi for tour, tweeted his photo while holding mice and carrots and captioned “In Malawi They Call it ‘The African sausage’ (Rats)” .
However,  Maety Marty SC wrote on his facebook page asking apology from Wodemaya “we need an apology. We don’t eat Rats and these are not Malawian (African) sausages, usatinyozese chonde chifukwa tipezeka tayamba kukun’galula nkuyiwala zabwino zonse zomwe wapanga, ife sitichedwa.
Because of you, the whole world thinks we eat rats. he writes.
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