Socialite Dorothy Shonga, popularly known has Cash Madam has come out of her cocoon to trash social media reports claiming that her fiancé musician Zeze Kingston’s father is bankrupt.

On Saturday, Shonga and her fiancé Zeze Kingston had an exclusive interview with Brian Banda of Times Television where the two claimed that they spend Mk500,000.00 every week.

The development attracted mixed reactions with many people on the social media claiming that the weekly expenditure stated by the two is hard to believe.

One of the social media user Morgan Kamanja went on to claim that Zeze is living a lavish life while his father is failing to find ends meet.

Reacting to the development Shonga said: “Morgan it is important to gather facts before u demonstrate ur stupidity and ignorance.

“The Mr Ching’amba ur mentioning must be different, cz the one I know he is not Jobless neither does he relay on his children for survival cz he is working not to mention of him poking his nose into his children affairs . The most civilised, independent and hardworking man he is.”

Shonga has since threatened a lawsuit against Kamanja.

“MACHEZA KUMAONA MALIRE. (this one is going to cost u)

“Hope u have evidence to back up ur stupidity or start preparing some Pnuts,” said Shonga.

Meanwhile, Zeze is yet to comment on the matter.

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