Veteran journalist, Phyllis Kubwalo was on Sunday laid to rest at Chilomoni Cemetery in Blantyre as thousands of people bid her farewell amidst sorrow on the departed.

Born Phyllis Phambana on July 1, 1951, she did her secondary education at Lilongwe Girls Secondary School and her tertiary at Leicester University in the United Kingdom before joining the Ministry of Information where she served in various positions.

A family representative, Lloyd Muhara described Kubwaloโ€™s death as a loss to the family saying she was a generous mother to the family and society around her.

Muhara also hailed the Ministry of Information for providing public address system saying this was a special honor and recognition to the family and late Kubwaloโ€™s contribution to the ministry.

Late Kubwalo joined the Ministry of Information as Malawi News Agency (MANA) reporter and rose to the position of This is Malawi Magazine editor and Managing Editor for MANA.

She retired in 2012 as Chief Information Officer for Research Communication and Planning sector.

Makwasa CCAP church elder, Hygiene Mowe described late Kubwalo as a generous person who supported construction of the new church which was yet to be officially opened on Sunday 19th November.

“The Kubwalo family has done a lot for us in Makwasa, today on November 19, we were supposed to launch the new church which she supported a lot and she was supposed to be available for the inauguration.”

Group Village head Kameza said since Kubwalo came to the area she has been part of the society in a number of developmental activities.

Phylis was married to photojournalist, Joseph Kubwalo in 1972 before he joined politics where he served in the United Democratic Front (UDF) led government as a Minister of Information and also Minister of Defense and later a diplomat in Tanzania.


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