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SADC committed to improving higher education

SADC education and skills development sector recognises the importance of human development and challenges facing the region.

Speaking at the 17th IDM Botswana, Lesotho and eSwatini joint graduation ceremony in Gaborone recently, Assistant Minister for State President, Mr Dumizweni Mthimkhulu said industrial development and poverty alleviation could be addressed through education.

He also said SADC countries were committed to improving access to quality higher education, which was illustrated by enrolment rates of about 25 per cent which was superior to the sub-Saharan averages of nine per cent while Botswana stood at around 20 per cent.

Minister Mthimkhulu also said the region’s employment and labour sector had noted the mismatch between the strong SADC economy and unemployment rates, particularly among the youth.

He said it was the responsibility of higher learning institutions such as IDM to rise to the challenge and play a meaningful role in developing and offering programmes that would improve access to quality higher education.

He said rapid advancements in technology had forced institutions of higher learning to refocus, adapt and embrace change in order to stay relevant, adding that the fourth industrial revolution was upon them hence they needed to adapt and innovate.

Source: Daily News

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