First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Madalitso Kazombo has on Thursday suspended two members of parliament from Rumphi east and Salima South East.

The suspension came after Member of Parliament from Rumphi East Kamlepo Kalua presented about the inconsideration of government to the northern part of Malawi by giving only 18 billion kwacha for the construction of roads in the region which he said was not enough.

Kalua further added that government needs to treat all regions equally.

But Christopher Manja, Member of Parliament for Salima South East used harsh words to undermine what Kalua said which caused some exchange of unpalatable words in the house.

Meanwhile, leader of the house Richard Chimwendo Banda has asked members of parliament to avoid showing emotions in the house.

Chimwendo added that the resources allocated to different regions in the budget can never be enough for all projects in respective regions.

The two MP’s have been suspended for 5 days each.

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