The Ministry of Health has announced a rubella outbreak in Neno district and 11 people have tested positive.

According to the statement issued by Secretary of health Samson Mndolo indicates that the outbreak was the first detected on March 12 in a six month old baby at Manyenje village in the district.

“The district is conducting extensive awareness campaigns to inform and educate communities about rubella and measles, its symptoms and importance of vaccination, progress and identify potential hot spots”, he said.

The Neno District Health Office has activated its incident management team to conduct measles-rubella supplementary vaccination campaign to reach all children in the affected areas, among other response activities.

Rubella also known as German measles, presents with signs and symptoms similar to measles such as spotty rash that starts on the face or behind the ears and spreads to the neck and body.

The virus spreads through respiratory droplets when infected individuals cough or sneeze or through direct contact with virus infected fluid.

Prevention is through basic hygiene practices like hand washing with soap, covering one’s mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing and most importantly vaccination.

Health rights activist Maziko Matemba earlier cautioned authorities on the need to raise awareness and strengthen its health care to deal with health crisis emanating from pandemics and out breaks.

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