Elvin Mhofu Ngoshi, a man from Zimbabwe living in Middleburg, South Africa, sadly ended his own life while broadcasting live on Facebook, shocking many online.

This happened because he suspected his girlfriend, Kudzie, of being unfaithful, and it was all seen by shocked witnesses.

Elvin and Kudzie had been in a relationship since 2016, but they took a break before getting back together in 2023.

Alongside his personal struggles, there were reports that Elvin was involved in some illegal business with coal in South Africa, which his girlfriend might have told the authorities about.

Elvin was the only one taking care of his sister who was sick with cancer, which added to his worries.

In the video, Elvin seemed to be drinking a Coca-Cola, but it turned out to be poisoned.

Even though people watching tried to help, Elvin’s health got worse quickly, and sadly, he passed away.

This sad event has made many people talk about problems in relationships, mental health, and how important it is to have support when things get tough.

Via hararelive.com

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