A domestic violence suspect identified as Juan Miguel Valdez ,40, was shot by police while desperately clinging to the door of a car he was attempting to carjack on a busy California interstate.

Police officers in Lathrop were dispatched to a domestic violence call involving Juan  Valdez, who was allegedly threatening to kill a woman he had “almost did kill” the night before.

When police arrived, however, Valdez took off in a vehicle and led them on a tense car chase that eventually spilled from the residential area onto Interstate 5, the footage showed.

The Jan. 27 incident took an extreme twist when one of the Valdez tires came apart, and the panicking suspect attempted to carjack a moving vehicle by clinging to the driver’s side window and door.

The heart-stopping video shows Valdez dangling barely inches above the pavement as he clings to the door with police officers hot on his tail.

When the vehicle finally pulled over, Valdez then scrambled to try and pry his way in through the passenger side door.

By that time, multiple police cruisers were surrounding the vehicle on the highway shoulder.

One police officer was then seen firing at Valdez multiple times before he fell to the ground.

“Ah, bro, why’d you shoot me?” the suspect can be heard asking as officers rendered first aid at the scene

He was then seen being held up on the side of the road while an officer cut off his shirt to reveal a smattering of bullet wounds on one side of his chest.

Valdez also had a “through-and-through” bullet wound in his forearm, one officer could be heard telling the paramedics.

“My son’s a f—g Marine, bro. I have respect, I was just trying to get away,” Valdez lamented to the responding officers.

After Valdez was treated at the hospital, he was booked on five felonies, including carjacking, false imprisonment, evasion, resisting arrest, and committing a felony while out on release/parole for a prior felony

Valdez is currently being held without bail, online records showed.

He is due back in court on April 10.

The Lathrop Police Department did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for information about when Valdez was released on parole and what his previous charges were.


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