United States –based filmmaker Chawezi ‘Chaz’ Munthali has produced a new drama series dubbed Mushroom Shade.

The series will officially premiere on April 20 2024.

The trailer of the series, shows that the story-line revolves around a childless couple of Phillip and Angella Sani. The couple seek medical attention, but blame each other on who is the problem and who needs to see a doctor for a solution.

Mushroom shade is epic production in terms of picture quality, transitioning and execution of the script.

The cast of the new drama series are, Mwai Simbota, Amos Msekandiana, Cynthia Zulu, Bucci, Ben Sam and Fortunata Makawa, who is making her film debut.

Chaz said they are targeting a specific audience, hence, their decision to have it on YouTube. He wants many people to access the series by just subscribing to their YouTube channel.

The story is all about aspects of life and relationship. Chaz wanted to write something that everyone from the age of 17 going up can relate to.

The producer also added that as the plot grows. New cast members will be brought on board.

Makawa, who plays Angella Sani in the series, said that the viewers will enjoy watching the series. She is happy to see the positive feedback that the trailer has generated.

This is her first feature as an actress, she’s excited being around the amazing talents that are nurturing her skills and role in the series. She’s looking forward to the audience to experience this journey with them as they explore the different storyline in the series.

Chaz revealed that this his two movie production Misnomer and Highbrow will be available on YouTube starting from May as his contract with Showmax comes to an end.


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