Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Councillor for Blantyre City Soche East Ward Leonard Chimbanga has blasted Malawi Congress Party (MCP) youth Director Richard Chimwendo Banda for failing to instruct the law enforcers to arrest perpetrators of political violence in the country.

Chimbanga’s remarks follow Chimwendo’s preaching of peace where he asked MCP youths to desist from political violence.

While applauding Chimwendo Banda for the gestured, Chimbanga expressed dissatisfaction with the Minister, saying the best could have been instructing the law enforcers to arrest perpetrators of political violence in the country.

“I just watched the ruling MCP Director of Youth, who also happens to be the Minister of Local Government, Hon. Richard Chimwendo, preaching peace. Yes, you heard that right—peace! He says those committing violence in the MCP’s name should knock it off. Following the recent violence against Aford over the weekend as they prepared for their rally in the central region, it’s nice to hear some peaceful rhetoric.

“But hold on a second. This comes after months of MCP-led thuggery where DPP supporters were assaulted, their vehicles were damaged, and—surprise, surprise—the police didn’t make a single arrest. So, if the Honorable Minister is genuinely sincere, how about instructing the police to finally arrest those responsible for attacking DPP supporters and the recent Aford violence?” wrote Chimbanga.

He added: “And while we’re at it, I’d love to hear President Chakwera himself denounce violence and echo what Hon. Chimwendo has said today. He must. We also need the police to reassure all Malawians that they will be safe in the central region, especially Lilongwe, and that they will actually do their jobs professionally.

“So, Minister Chimwendo, we won’t be buying your lip service unless it’s followed by real action. It’s time to walk the talk.”

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