A 26-year-old man, identified as AK, discovered twelve days after his wedding that his newlywed wife, Adinda Kanza, is actually a man.

The shocking revelation left AK in a state of disbelief and confusion. AK first met Adinda on Instagram in 2023, and after a year of dating, they decided to get married.

Throughout their relationship, Adinda wore a traditional Muslim niqab, leading AK to believe she was a devout Muslim woman.

After their modest wedding ceremony, Adinda’s continuous refusals to be intimate and her avoidance of AK’s family raised suspicions.

AK eventually investigated and found out from Adinda’s parents that Adinda was actually a man named ESH who had been crossdressing since 2020.

The police revealed that ESH convincingly acted like a woman, with a gentle voice and appearance, deceiving everyone including AK.

ESH has been arrested and faces charges of fraud, with the potential of a four-year prison sentence as investigations continue into his motives.

Drama as man discovers his wife is a man 12 days after wedding

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