What caused the death of the front man vocalist for Crazy Town,’Shifty Shellshock’ has been revealed that it was an accidental overdose after years of struggling with addiction, according to the band’s manager.

Howie Hubberman, who manages the rap rock group, explained that Shellshock — whose real name is Seth Binzer — died after taking a deadly “combination of prescription drugs and street purchased drugs,”

“Seth Binzer, after struggling with addiction and Crazy Town’s rapid success with ‘Butterfly,’ never was able to reach out on a more successful level to deal with his addictions,” Hubberman told the outlet

“We all tried, but ultimately we all failed, or Shifty would still be here.”

Hubberman called the troubled rocker a “friend” he wished he could have “fixed,” but “unfortunately, no one had the exact tools to do this, myself included.”



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