The qualities of a leader are contagious; just watch how the smallness in thought of Joyce Banda is written all over the thinking in PP.

Take this argument for an example that the CSTU industrial action followed by the protests by secondary and primary school students have been sponsored by the opposition, and you have all the proof that in PP is a severe starvation of correct reasoning.

Simply argued, assuming it is true that the opposition has paid some leaders to foster the spread of the industrial action, why is the PP not set the Anti Corruption Bureau on such opposition instigators so that they are brought in the face of the law to answer for their unacceptable mischief?

If that route is cumbersome and littered with procedural rigidity and bureaucracy, why does the not PP follow the same route of the opposition: pay the strike leaders more money to curtail the strike? Is the PP broke that it is incapable of outbidding the opposition at the game of oiling the palms of detractors, assuming there is merit in the pay out claims.

And more latest is the lamentation from the very same shallow waters of PP, claiming that the one who has employed the participation of children who are demonstrating in fulfilment of his political ambitions is a father of children hidden away in the United States of America.

The PP is invited to the free knowledge that using a child for purposes as alleged is a crime. And being a party that enjoys the advantages of proximity to the law enforcement establishment, they should able to set the wheels of justice spinning on this fellow. Not to do this only demonstrates that the PP is panicking and is ready even to clutch to the last straw of fiction to redeem itself from the raging waters of the deep sea of trouble where its ship is sinking.

Come to think of it, is the PP suggesting that this unnamed man with children in the USA has so much influence that he is able to shut down the machinery of government, as things have happened, at his prompting?

Then why does PP claim it is a party of the people?

With this kind of shortage in reasoning, no wonder the nation finds itself in this mess!

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  1. Hahaha! Well written article! I, in the same way, fail to understand the PP! It is full of emptyheads, with the President herself at the top of all emptyheads! We know that you want to implicate Peter Mutharika, are you serious? Do not tremble now, time is yet to come and we will see an old woman in menopause menstruating because of Peter!

  2. Who is Peter Mutharika? Who brought him back to Malawi? Is he not the brother to Bingu who tortured us in his face? How could a normal thinking man vote for a brother to killer? Shahhh do not take Malawians for granted.


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