Black Missionaries latest CD, Kuimba 9
Black Missionaries latest CD, Kuimba 9

Malawi Music website announced yesterday the availability of the Black Missionaries CD online. The CD is the 9th album from the best selling Malawi band and is being sold online for 10 pounds or 0.99 pence a song. The songs can be bought by Debit or Credit card using a Visa, MasterCard or any other major bank card around the world. The transaction is handled with Google Wallet and visitors can make a safe and secure buy as long as they have a gmail email account.

This has been the recent release from the site, after it acquired the rights to sell other musician cds, including Lucius Banda, Anthony Makondetsa and Fredokiss. Representatives of Malawi music have mentioned interest to sell other musicians cds online but stated that at the moment they would like to focus on selling the cds and musicians that are already on the site.

To listen to or buy the Kuimba 9 CD by Black Missionaries, Follow this link

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  1. Who the hell can buy music nowadays? Hahaha…forget about it! We wil copy, rip or bypass the buying online but stil download the songs…..Any1 who buys music nowadays is a….And The Black Missionaries’ songs are bad this time.


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