By Madalitso Nyondo.

Open letter to Peter Muntharika:

“Since DPP went into opposition i have noted with great concern that you are no longer speaking in parliament.

Does this mean that your constiuency have no problems? Or you feel too big to do that,i know that as MP’s there are multiple ways of channelling your problems but it carries so much weight to present them yourself in the August hou…se as this symbolically shows how passionate you are in solving your people’s problems.

And apart from your constituency, you as one of the most learned legistrators was supposed to be taking a leading role in contributing to issue of national interest in the house but to my dismay you always leave those important debates to be discussed by small minded MP’s that leads in poor decision being made which reflects badly on you as a leader,your party and the entire nation.”

Actually what makes Peter Mutharika to remain quite in parliament? Is he hiding his real character to Malawians or he doesn’t have issues to present to the August house?

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  1. Iwe Nyondo usatisokotse kodi iwe ndiye wa Thyolo, kodi ku Thyolo kunonso kuli a Nyondo


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