A local prophet who prophesied that the next Malawi President will be a brother to a former President, Austin Liabunya, and had therefore declared to all and sundry that Peter Mutharika was poised to be the next leader of the republic has indicated that he wants to meet with the DPP leader to seal his victory.

According to an online paper, Liabunya disclosed that Mutharika is the next President of the republic but will not just get it unless he meets with him.

The announcement by the prophet who has garnered a huge gathered a huge following amongst DPP fans for his prophecies that have followed their line of thinking has eventually spurred a debate in the blue camp with some agreeing with the call of the prophet while others have dismissed him as a man not worthy of any seriousness and, therefore, their Presidential candidate should not visit him.

Liabunya, however, has said that his meeting with Mutharika will be to advise him on what God wants him to do to get the seat so that when he gets it he shall not forget that it is God who put him on that post and not the popularity of his brother or his own.

Last week, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader who is also a Reverend, Lazarus Chakwera, advised Malawians against following any wind of prophecies ahead of the May polls claiming many are taking advantage of the situation.

It is yet to be seen if Mutharika will listen to the voice and advice of Chakwera and those within his party who say he should not visit the Prophet or he will do the JB way of visiting Prophets.

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