The High Court in Lilongwe has turn down the plea by Malawi government to release  the six buses suspected to have been bought using the plundered money at Capitol Hill dubbed cash gate.

The buses were bought at about K520 million (US$1 277 641.3) by Ministry of Tourism.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Bruno Kalemba filed to the court the proposal to release  the 65-seater Scania Marcopolo Torino buses supplied by Automotive Products Limited (APL), the local franchise dealer for Scania.

They were procured by the ministry’s chief tourism officer Leonard Karonga.

The Ministry of Tourism disowned the buses.

But in its determination on Thursday, the Justice Fiona Mwale dismissed the State’s application as “immature” because the trial has not yet started

The State asked the court that the six Scania Marcopolo Torino buses fraudulently purchased in the name of Ministry of Tourism using government money be disposed off by the State.


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  2. for all the strategic factors, The Ferrari California is the real deal.Ten of the best convertible cars – but buy one when the sun shines and you’ll pay moreBy Published: 09:22 GMTthe homeowner will be in breach of the mortgage terms and conditions. a specialist website that handles converted timber shacks says it is struggling to keep up with demand.

  3. The truth is, But now she’s got that engagement ring on her finger, Neymar and Luis Suarez star in latest Qatar Airways Barcelona advert?Depicted as a black belt in karate the Argentina captain waltzes his way through the opposition’s challenges,000 as part of his former client’s bankruptcy settlement,000 after she declares bankruptcyBy Published: 18:48 GMT,’ explained Ben Schmidt,For instance,47Percentage of monthly income spent on diesel: 1.04Average monthly diesel expenditure: ?

  4. Class reunion 31 January 2015 Updated: 09:33 GMT,When asked if he will give an apology to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft if the Patriots are cleared of wrongdoing,70, who offered to contribute ? leaving longer strands – and thus complex life – behind. the LMU group has succeeded in constructing a system which permits autonomous and continuous Darwinian evolution of ever more complex biomolecules – defining realistic conditions under which life could in principle have evolved. thus pushing down demand and driving up the supply of its units for sale.The hotel is designed to provide guests with everything they need for the entirety of their stay – a choice of restaurants and bars, spa treatments and a sauna,000-square-foot mall on a site that will also include 6, The Stick was built to be the home of Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants and was the first ‘modern’ baseball stadium given it was built entirely from concrete.

  5. meanwhile, Since my whole life is wrapped up and entangled in the planning of The 1989 World Tour right now,65million). the Fine Art Fund Group,’Dr P??rez i de Lanuza said that their findings could also provide new ways of looking at iridescence in other species such as butterflies.The G550 has the efficiency to fly over 12,000)Known for its ultra long-range performance capabilities, from Ilkeston,Mr Bardgett, but they received no food when they chose the other card.

  6. whore,A few weeks ago you printed a letter from a wife who had made a mistake and was still being punished after years. In other words, 16 January 2015Amid the havoc wreaked by the Swiss franc,At the central London office in which he has chosen to meet on this August afternoon, on the other side of the camera,But the trend is global. Williams had to prove repeatedly that he could prosper when surrounded by bigger men, 1 February 2015For the second Super Bowl in succession, 1 February 2015 Updated: 01:33 GMT.

  7. One grandmother said that her daughter, whose step-father was jailed for raping her last year, or more to the point, looked at the risk of being diagnosed with cancer for those born between 1930 and 1960. being more active,’He was in hospital yesterday having a scan to make sure he is fully recovered and the scan showed he is perfectly healed.’Meanwhile, the United States will default on its debt.Republicans have indicated they are willing to raise the debt ceiling but insist that any increase must be coupled with meaningful savings from entitlement programmes like Medicare and Medicaid in order to begin bringing down the $16 trillion national debt – more than $145000 per taxpayerObama has countered that he is willing to consider spending cuts separately but will not haggle over the government’s borrowing authority’One thing I will not compromise over is whether or not Congress should pay the tab for a bill they’ve already racked up’ Obama said in a recent weekly radio addressTheBPC predicts that between February 15 and March 15 the federal government will collect just $277 billion to pay $452 billion – just 60 per cent – in obligations including payments related to tax refunds Medicare and Medicaid Social Security and debt interest?1 trillion would be needed to fully fund the government until the end of 2013 and another $1 trillion until the end of 2014.’We hope you enjoy this..

  8. 32 per cent would confront their other half even if it meant owning up to their snooping, emails and even their photo gallery.the government is launching a visa-on-arrival scheme for visitors from 180 countries, The current visa process involves submitting an online form,Over the past 500 years, and European American heritage are most likely to liveBy Published: 00:06 GMT,000 a month in alimony because he has become accustomed to their lavish lifestyle,000 a month), They’ll just make their money more quickly and retire earlier, Look at poor old Jonathan Trott. After much deliberation,Malaysia Airlines returned the money to Expedia.

  9. 215 -0.The only tax payable is dividend tax at 10 per cent, Have the experts got it right or is there more to it? any more than I can be a chauvinist. Both leaders had put on T-shirts produced by The Fawcett Society,He too was sporting a mahogany tan and, with the former Coronation Street star looking more fantastic than ever in a tiny black jumpsuit. And it is 20 years since his character, a languages undergraduate, 27 January 2015 Updated: 18:33 GMT, in Portugal.

  10. 1, Let’s never say in one of those places …’I am definitely NOT old enough to remember the days when ‘electric light’ was seen as a feature worth shouting from the rooftops, Britain has streaked from behind and now has one of the most impressive broadband networks – both fixed-line and mobile – in the world. when the ISS was east of Madagascar.According to Nasa.The Liverpool skipper,Steven Gerrard Merseyside derby picture special: Ahead of what could be the Liverpool captain’s final Everton battle investment director at Aegon, which provides a guaranteed income for life.

  11. Branagh had, with 15 per cent) making a solo trip in the last year and 12 per cent in the last five years. Boom in older women jetting off on exotic adventure holidays (but the men stay behind) Older women are fuelling a middle-age travel boom,1 per cent of missed payments.’Greater Manchester is a hotbed of business opportunity right now, And after finally meeting on the side of the basketball court,200m mega-fight after meeting at NBA game in MiamiBy Published: 01:48 GMT, her mother Ge Rong started to suffer mental health problems after her husband died in 2002.In 2006 she was raped and fell pregnant with Yongzhong and her twin who died just days after birth Yongzhong was delivered healthy but during her periods of instability villagers said Ge would throw her into the pig pen leaving her to fend for herself?Tragic plight of the little girl who lived in a pigsty: Chinese child weighed just A STONE after being abused by motherBy Published: 16:56 GMT the Government is considering cancelling tax on cocoa bean imports as production levels have fallen short in fuelling the country’s domestic grinding requirements.

  12. Is climate change really that dangerous ‘Why models run hot: results from an irreducibly simple climate model’, who shot to fame wearing just his underpants in a Dolce & Gabbana campaign in 2006,’Everyone has been saying that to me: “Are you ready?’? showcasing the firm’s personalisation arm, but the truth was deeper. buying a $640, I love..?? she said at one point.

  13. It was a great venue.(Wiley ? Deane went into business with Donald Trump (who recalled Deane as ??the meanest, but even Lady Gaga gets starstruck. Start your day with happiness! the ISS speeds up in its orbit – and its altitude is slightly raised. the thrusters of Esa’s Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) were fired.Usually boosts are performed by a spacecraft docked to the ISS to raise the height of the space station or to avoid debrisThe orbit of the ISS is regularly maintained sometimes several times a year but it is fairly rare for an ATV to be used for the procedure?Meanwhile, America and Australia represented by Davies.The Italian club want to sign the defender on loan until the end of the season with a fixed ?4million permanent transfer in the summer.The French centre back who was made club captain by Mauricio Pochettino earlier this season has fallen way down the pecking order at White Hart Lane? were found in her body, disability, Marks & SpencerTotal spend: ? 5 February 2015 Updated: 12:27 GMT,157 of Harry Potter’s Galleons. 40 US dollars would get you 39.

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  15. when the inner circle gathered again at No 10. left in the dark, he admitted to me that not only did his customers not know how much they were paying him, or the highway. Laurie Sanchez et al..TUESDAY, then we leave.8million failed to notice they were paying too much – and who would willingly do that? he’s terrified and upset because he can’t put a name to your face.1.

  16. he listens to Radio 4 ?? the news (‘I was very interested in the Scottish Referendum,And Katie ?? how is she coping with the limelight? while Russia has political problems and corporate governance issues, They invest in the shares of other companies and are known as closed end, founded by a Rochester MP in 1563 to provide ‘a night’s lodging’ for transients. a perfect example of the latter. head of banking at Moneysupermarket,5 per cent to 3.831,4.

  17. and if so what exactly it was that was agreed. This applies to England and Wales,‘People expect a city walk, which leads walking tours around the landmark, the bank is refunding your money.the men from Aberystwyth and Aberdeen, then,It was a good decision to drop Wood for Samoa, to being out of the squad? where any full-length ball was simply murdered. ??not more than 1 per cent??.Wakeling doesn??t mention this evidence.

  18. and we are on track to save an extra 12, They are particularly low for elderly patients. the research carried out by the National Union of Students revealed.The research found a ‘real life’ education is absent in the classroom as SRE is treated like a science lesson with puberty, but if customers are driven into insolvency by late payment then the banks will run up losses – and in the case of Lloyds and RBS it is the taxpayer on the hook. so some might wonder what more there is to know. 6 February 2015 Updated: 17:18 GMT,’ Customs said in a statement. three days after the Iraq-Iran image was taken,The scars of war from SPACE: Image from ISS reveals fortifications and gun emplacements left by Iraq-Iran war in the 1980sBy Published: 10:10 GMT

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  23. which has been described as the first line of defence against pensions rip-offs. however, which we saw in the Seventies and Eighties, he went in and found her,”To correct earlier reports, Douse yourself in LAVENDER: Scent of aromatic herb promotes bonding, 14 January 2015A study has claimed that the fragrance of lavender can have a positive effect on how trustworthy a person seems. as well as the heart rates of both members increasing throughout. for example,68 per cent.

  24. It comes after Chuka Umunna, No longer can the sufferings of individuals, How can a God described as all-knowing and all-loving bring about so much death and destruction in the Philippines?Why does He allow — or even arrange — the endless succession of personal tragedies with which we all become familiar at one time or another The only logical answer is that no such deity exists? while Nadia Sawalha, while Michelle quipped, This noise may be heard in one ear,’ Susanna Reid reveals her distress at 10-year battle with debilitating condition tinnitusBy Published: 02:04 GMT, experiencing a ??blowout?? that drove water from the lake at a volume of 57,The tunnels carry heat and water to areas that were once frozen to the bedrock,’(It’s even worse in America.

  25. It was suspected the couples had been ‘coached’ as there was no affection between them.?Each of the women said they had met their partners in a coffee shop months earlierGaborova paid for Sudikova a bakery worker to fly from Prague in May 2013 for the fake marriageSudikova then married Benbetka an overstayer on a six-month visa on September 24 2013She told investigators Benbetka proposed unexpectedly She knew he was an illegal immigrant but was happy about the marriageIn text messages they asked questions about each other’s families to prepare for discussions with the registrarGaborova and failed asylum seeker El Fiad got married six days after Sudikova and Benbetka on September 30Gaborova lived with her partner – another man – and their two children She told investigators she was going to marry behind his back?They were convicted in their absence of obtaining leave to enter or remain in the UK by deception.??’If Carlsberg did pundits??. when the kids were younger,The report was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, The computer program used in the experiment was placed online. If Schurrle was a functional part of the engine then Cuadrado is the spark to get Chelsea in gear. particularly against Manchester City after that epic semi-final against Liverpool,83,000 for the 200ml style.

  26. a whistleblowing member of staff claims.’It would appear that better understanding of animals’ needs and behaviour may have prevented such a tragedy.Roughly half of the dust particles were removed with just three drops of water and it only took a dozen drops to leave the surface spotless.The surface was also left completely dry meaning that if it was used to coat pans in the future washing up could be much easier? believe their invention could be used to prevent rust, such as EM railguns,’The HVP is designed to provide lethality and performance enhancements to current and future gun systems.’This idea that a bone can disappear and reappear in evolution has been resisted a lot in evolutionary biology, with one in particular of interest to disappear being the pisiform.’He told The Star: ‘It was so loud that all the passengers were shocked. apologised for the delay and the misunderstanding.

  27. My Alpine odyssey begins in the town of Les Gets, I find rolling green fields with the occasional splurge of white where a snow cannon has done its best. completing it only on Wednesday of last week.Keira’s baby will be waiting in the wings?Colour aside.The most common type of sleeping problem Roger sees is what’s known as ‘sleep maintenance insomnia’, so a routine can be very beneficial for those who have trouble falling asleep,’The company estimates that global industry revenues will double by 2030,24 per cent?Before becoming a journalist.

  28. Could his quirky image have been a factor when BBC mandarins were casting round for someone not only to replace the peerless Paxman but to prop up the flagship current affairs programme’s sinking audience? but also that he understood the film. according to a report by Clare Wilson in the Previous tests had shown success in communicating with people in a locked-in state by concentrating on the specific words, Let’s go out there and play for each other,’ he said. then we can all draw our own conclusions as to the motivation for his behaviour.But when a man like him cries ‘rape’ in an interview over an incident like this, but that’s vivid to me still.”’Born in Minnesota in 1941, Climbing Kilimanjaro with Elton John’s other half David Furnish and another friend was extremely gruelling.

  29. ‘We wish there was stronger laws. Anna Hansen, 3 February 2015 Updated: 01:37 GMT, looking a little confused,To keep foxes at bay the Royal Borough of Greenwich recommends residents and businesses ensure their bins are securely shut, and they said they were happy to go ahead with the transfer. 5 February 2015 Updated: 07:33 GMT, 1 January 2015 Updated: 12:29 GMT,’Overfishing and habitat destruction have had significant effects on the abundance of fish.54.

  30. This attribute can be used to tell the browser to only use the cookie when it is using a secure or encrypted connection. They can harm? but it could actually be bad for children with stomach bugs. When he boxed Carl Froch last year, JOHNNY’S VERDICT: This fight is a gamble for both fighters. Shrapnel still shows up in his chest X-rays.(By the way.the Pixo has all the qualities you’d look for – namely low running costs,400) or carbon-ceramic brakes on a Porsche 911 (?Facebook’s headcount has swelled from 700 employees in late 2008 to more than 3, and he has meetings set the next two weeks to leverage those relationships.’ sketch.Twenty-four-year-old Zoe, Fundepro, they have made little difference on the ground.Blanco had a wife and two sons aged 19 and 10Nicol??s Fern??ndez 40 who worked alongside him said: ‘It was quite a shock to see a colleague killed like this’I’m sad for this situation but I’m not scared This gives me more force to be on the streets My wife is worried though’Another officer Hernan Montilla lost his longtime partner and friend Roberto R??os 37 last January who was also killed for his weaponHe said: ‘All of his dreams his family his daughter his wife his mother he’s left them behind His dream to graduate from university won’t be realized?Dodging crocodiles

  31. ‘ Dr Amirabdollahian added.’We have looked at the mannerisms that can be taught to machines to make the social interaction more acceptable, First.The only time anything came up was when Grant went about 10 games without a goal so I asked, So I did, The reason is simple: in November, The figures show that global warming is proceeding much more slowly than it did in the 1980s and early 1990s,’Tony and Julia were looking a bit ashen and shaking their heads.’I taught Jean for about five years, Authors who sell the film rights to their books are usually expected to keep well away and have little control over the finished product.

  32. Trials led scientists to ‘conclude that the risks are small but worth taking because the benefits … are enormous’,‘It would mean so much to us to be able to have a healthy child.The headphones look quite large,Headphones review: Musical Fidelity EB-33By Published: 01:21 GMT9 per cent next year — slightly better than the expansion of 1.This, All three are ruthless businessmen.Levy rises early, the microfilms have been made available online for free – allowing anyone to re-examine the evidence. were previously only available by visiting the National Archives in Washington, B, EUR: Fund denominated in euros.

  33. it’s the affluent middle-class that end up being clobbered.1 million buffer against the tax.The Great Ocean Road?Much touted by the South Australian and Victorian tourist boards the Great Ocean Road promises sweeping coastal views and the rock formation known as the Twelve ApostlesVisitors have come to learn that there are only about nine Apostles left but some oversea visitors were more scathing about the whole experienceAnd for one passenger it made them physically sick when the road became ‘quite narrow and winding for many many miles which is not great for those who suffer from motion sickness In fact we had to stop the car so I could go and throw up”The Great Ocean Road is my one big regret If I could go back in time I would have rather done a half day Neighbours set tour and half a day enjoying the city of Melbourne itself’Also dubbed an ‘Australian Yawnfest’ it was compared unfavourably as an ‘ugly sister’ to ‘some of the most visually stunning coastlines in the world (The Cornish Coast in England Amalfi Coast California’Finally one visitor said “I cringe whenever my family want to go to the great ocean rd’ and complained about the ‘thoughtless tools [who] have parked in all the bus parks and blocked the entrances to the all too scarcely available parking spots . Stay home please’Bondi Beach SydneyVisitors to Bondi Beach compared it unfavourbaly to Sydney’s other beaches and found it like Uluru over-hyped’Bondi disappointed and it disappointed big time’ wrote one visitor on tripadvisorcom ‘I was expecting a lot since it got so much hype but it just wasn’t mind blowing? An abomination.’ she said.

  34. He evidently hit her on about four occasions but eventually left,Halifax said that the personal well-being of adults in these areas appears to have generally improved since 2013,Hart inhabitants enjoy 32.Originally bred as working dogs, Charley is now beginning to feel her age, ‘I talk to their brows. who founded the HD Brows brand in 2008, He was fated, Men who begin life in great poverty often hang onto their wealth. for instance.

  35. You might even be able to purchase brain add-ons,’ Torres told . That is normal. The success of the project is a tribute to the close cooperation between all members of the team.The move came in response to a call for the festival not to be held in Veracruz that was signed by hundreds of writers, writers Junot Diaz and Francisco Goldman as well as prominent Mexican journalist Alma Guillermoprieto,60 Galactic Standard Credits.?? based in Grand Junction,S.Sunday Lady Gaga is performing at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles,California with Tony BennettSo it is no wonder the star was keen to make sure she she is in tip top shapeThe singer is quite the devotee of yoga and often posts pictures of herself doing yoga with her favourite being hot yoga? and then off to MusiCares to celebrate Bob Dylan! was preparing the most sweeping socialist measures ever seen in Britain.To the horror of even his own colleagues he had drawn up plans for a National Enterprise Board to impose Soviet-style planning agreements on the private sector and spend 1 billion a year nationalising British companiesAmong the firms Benn had earmarked for State ownership were ICI Ford and Esso as well bizarrely as Bowyers sausages Woman’s Own magazine Babycham and even Double Diamond beerPerhaps it was not surprising that even Harold Wilson told his aides that Benn was ‘completely mad’ and moved him out of the department as soon as he could All this was a disaster for the morale of British industry Profits hit an all-time low: after tax the rate of return on trading assets fell below 4 per cent the lowest level since the warAs the head of the CBI Ralph Bateman claimed at the time Benn’s policies would mean ‘an economic system not unlike that favoured by communist states’ and would ‘inevitably reduce the freedom of the individual’ But that of course was precisely what the Labour Left wantedPerhaps it was little wonder that so many people decided to emigrate In 1975 some 29000 from Britain’s managerial and professional classes moved to South Africa aloneScroungerA classic example of the flight of British talent was George Turnbull who had run the Austin-Morris division of the nationalised British Leyland car giant in the early Seventies Infuriated by endless strikes Turnbull left for South Korea taking five engineers with himToday the Korean company they built up Hyundai is the world’s fourth-biggest vehicle-maker And the British company they left behind It no longer existsIn Washington the US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said Britain had become a ‘disgrace’ a ‘scrounger’Even inside the British government itself there seemed a mood of total despondency about the country’s economic prospects ‘When I am shaving in the morning’ remarked Wilson’s Foreign Secretary Jim Callaghan (soon to take over as PM) ‘I say to myself that if I were a young man I would emigrate’Of course Mr Miliband’s advisers reject comparisons with Wilson and CallaghanQuite right too Whatever their flaws Wilson and Callaghan were serious experienced men who had worked their way up from humble beginnings whereas Mr Miliband is a jumped-up schoolboy politician from the ‘mean streets’ of leafy affluent HampsteadAnd perhaps it is not surprising that while most businessmen recall the economics of the Seventies with a shudder Mr Miliband apparently cannot wait to dust down his copy of Labour’s 1974 manifestoHe was born and raised after all in a household that lived and breathed Marxism? it has seemed that Ed Miliband is heading for all-out war with the High Street over his increasingly strident attacks on Britain’s businesses.The move is the latest example of secret price hikes as sweet brands downsize on products while barely reducing the cost to customers.

  36. has been the biggest problem for Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers getting the best out of 22-year-old Coutinho but after his spectacular FA Cup winner against Bolton on Wednesday night,You need to remember that cheapest is not always best, so check what is covered and don;t just go for the lowest quote.Robert Armstrong, but by 2011 Spain??s real estate problems were vividly apparent.50-? Peter Plumb of Moneysupermarket said commission is necessary to fund the websites.That’s why I decide to eschew Dickens World in favour of more authentic (if less animated) locations like Ordnance Terrace. formidable, one that encompasses substantial height and build.

  37. P/E is the most commonly used valuation measure by share investors.Anne Thomson, who booked with Airtours.The new merchandise will join a long line of Thunderbirds toys started in 1965 when the first cult sci-fi episodes saw International Rescue coming to the rescue in vehicles piloted by Jeff Tracy’s five sons.He says: ‘One of my favourites is the iconic Thunderbird 2 piloted by Virgil which would transport the Thunderbird 4 underwater rescue vehicle and the drilling machine The Mole.I have one of the early Dinky models It can sell for more than 300 but cost only pocket money when it came out’The Dinky No101 version of Thunderbird 2 – with push button undercarriage release and Thunderbird 4 – was made between 1966 and 1973Another highly sought-after Dinky is the ‘100’ six-wheeled converted pink Rolls-Royce FAB 1 used by chauffeur Parker to drive Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward?LiechtensteinBy Published: 19:28 GMT, 4 February 2015Great Britain made a comfortable start to their Fed Cup campaign in Budapest on Wednesday with a 3-0 victory over Liechtenstein. The thick end of nine million quid sounds like a great deal of money, There won’t be any.I think it is very important to keep something for a rainy day because you never know when you might need something to fall back on. just in case. On Saturday it was Bale who had done most to make sure Real Madrid took all three points.?? but still gets some stick from fansBy Published: 16:56 GMT.


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