As Primary School Leaving Certificate (PSLC) Exams starts today across the country, about 350 student at Chizumu Community Day Secondary School cluster centre in  Chizumulu  Island are yet to start the exams as unknown people are allegedly to have applied the buffalo-beans in the rooms that were supposed to be used in writing the exams.

This was discovered at the time the student were supposed to enter the rooms to start the exams.

One of the supervisor at the centre,  Mr. Mkondeni Masamba has confirmed the development by saying officials are working on the matter so that students should have a chance to write the exams.

More than 250,000 student are seating for this year’s Primary School Exams.

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  1. Ooh my malawi! What do people think???? Our kids have got freedom to education. & you have just done wrong there!!! Disturbing them there minds on exams day! Shame….to them.


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