In case you hardly noticed, we are living in the middle of a revolution. Every time we watch movies, soapies, music videos or stand-up comedies on our DVD players, we are foot soldiers advancing the front line of technology.

Indeed, according to poet Sylvester Kalizang’oma, poetry cannot afford to be left behind. For the first time in the history of Malawi, his first poetry album on DVD, titled “Unkalindanji Moyo?” will be released soon.

“I have decided to move with time. People are fed up with reading, and listening to poetry on audio CDs. Time has come for them to watch poetry on DVD as we are now living in a world of a fast-paced technology,” he said.

The album, “Unkalindanji Moyo?” which was first released on a CD some years ago is still gold and a favourite of many since it was launched. In the album title “Unkalindanji Moyo” which translates “what were you waiting for my life?” the persona addresses his life as to why it had to wait for so long and endured so much in order to cease to exist.

And now, Kalizang’oma, who is also the Publicity Secretary of Poetry Association of Malawi (PAM) and creator of this masterpiece, says time has come for his fans to enjoy “Unkalindanji Moyo?” on a DVD.

“I would like to assure all my fans that they should get ready for the mouth-watering DVD because the album is now complete and so soon people will be informed about when it will be unveiled,” he said.

“I have worked with Stiah Pingasa of Bizgraphix studio, and Nzika Wear guys who provided costume. This is a clear message to those who look down upon poetry in Malawi that we (poets) can compete with musicians at both local and international levels.”

The poet has also travelled across the country with over 80 upcoming and veteran actors from Nanzikambe Arts Theatre, Blantyre and Chichiri secondary schools, Damascus and Bantu drama groups and others who put much effort in the production of “Unkalindanji Moyo?” DVD.

Kalizang’oma also said the forthcoming DVD will be another way of preserving culture and the vernacular language which are slowly losing their identity nowadays.

Directed by Frank ‘Atcheya’ Naligonje, the DVD album carries 19 poems including the tittle “Unkalindanji Moyo?” and other favourites such as “Kandibweretsele Mkazi”, “Dzibwerako Mwanawe”, Khala Yapa, “Njala”, “Chondiliza Ine” which Kalizang’oma says will be enjoyed by many poetry lovers.

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