Controversial Malawi Pastor currently based in South Africa, Hastings Salanje has distanced himself, family and his church from recent scoffing remarks by President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua.

Mutharika recently labeled TB Joshua as a fake prophet who raises money through “false” prophecies.

The President further said that this time his prophecy of him dying as it was the case in 2012 when the prophet prophesized of the death President Professor Bingu wa Mutharika will not come to pass.

“Let me tell TB Joshua and your sisters (, you will fail. What you did in 2012, ( accurately prophesying the death of Bingu wa Mutharika), will not happen [this time around],” he said.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Salanje said that he believes that the president spoke that at his capacity as a person not as a president of Malawi.

Salanje said T B JOSHUA is a man whom God has highly favoured, he is a great prophet of God.

“I don’t know any prophet of God who is great and straight like him,” wrote Salanje.

He said Mutharika’s attack on Man of God has a huge bearing on Malawi as nation.

“I want to believe that what ever he says covers a country, therefore I choose to take this stands and disassociate myself, my family, my church and my country that we are not part of the speech which he made on the prophet. Therefore i also disconnect myself from the courses that can come after insulting a prophet of God.

“May God bless us, bless Malawi and bless prophet TB Joshua. Please if you are a Malawian who fears God, SHARE this post and disassociate your self too. This is the work of the devil to attack Malawi and its people,” added Salanje.

Meanwhile Pastor Zacc Kawalala has backed the President, saying he is entitled to his own opinion.

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  1. Please proof read your articles before posting. Its curses not courses. The tenses in the third paragraph do not match. The spelling mistakes can be easily be avoided by letting someone to proof read your article.
    Mr editor, this article was rushed and I think you can do more than this. Otherwise I like your paper

  2. The Malawian president is not attacking TB Joshua and his sisters but he was telling him the truth,the bible cleary tells as that,in the last days false prophets will arise and one of them is TB joshua.dont cheat people that he was called by God to be the prophet which God?that prophet belongs to satanic kingdom not heavenly kingdom.what kind of prophecies the death of important people like the president?cant he prophecies the goodness or the badness of all nations?if we open the bible in the book of Isaiah,the prophet himself could prophecies the issue corncerning the whole nation accept the sickness of king have to know that the Malawian president was created by The Heavenly Father not TB joshua.if God want to take him,He will do so according to His will.STOP!propheciessing things which will not assist the entire nation.I dont see a pastor or a prophet who is living like Jesus can a man of God like pastor salanje calling someone Stupid,more over the country’s president and you cheat yourself that you were chosen by God,i dont know know which God called you to be a pastor.Jesus stayed here on earth,very humble,merciful and obedient.I Dont trust any prophet and any postor and never shall i till my Savior Jesus Christ comes to take me to the place where there is no sorrow but peace and joyful.


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