Centre for Human Right and Rehabilitation (CHRR) Executive Director Timothy Mtambo has condemned the ban of witchdoctors in the country accusing them of perpetrating the killings of people living with albinism, saying the decision is not right.

On Wednesday, Mzuzu High Court Judge Dingiswayo Madise granted injunction to three people through their lawyer George Kadzipatike, stopping witchdoctors from operating in Malawi.

The three accused the witchdoctors of being behind the albino killings in the country hence the injunction.

The three also asked Madise to stop media houses in the country advertisements by traditional doctors, saying this is also having a negative impact.
Reacting to the ban, Mtambo said has rushed in effecting the ban.

Mtambo said only if a research was conducted to testify that tradition healers or witchdoctors are perpetrators of the mysterious albino trade then the ban is justifiable.

Meanwhile Malawians have applauded the court for banning witchdoctors in the country, saying this will reduce the malpractice in the country.

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  1. Our neighboring countries did the same to end such malpractice. Why is CHRR saying NO to it? akuziwapo kanthu!!!!!


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