Human Right Consultative Committee (HRCC) has hailed religious leaders across the country for successfully holding demonstrations against same sex marriages and abortion bill dubbed PRO-LIFE marches.

Malawians led by religious leaders on Tuesday organized peaceful demonstrations across the country to express their anger against abortion bill and same sex marriages which government is planning to table in the National Assembly as earlier alleged.

Faith leaders argued that the bill is a direct attack to life, family and marriage.

The demonstrations attracted huge crowd across the country with the main march being held in the capital Lilongwe where a petition was presented to Parliament and was received by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) MP Juliana Lunguzi.

In a statement seen by faceofMalawi reporter, HRCC applauded the Police, Citizens and Faithfuls/ Church Leaders for their conduct in the peaceful march.

“In the spirit of co-existence, HRCC would like to thank the Police, Citizens and Faithfuls/ Church Leadership for the manner they conducted their PRO-LIFE marches. For us, democracy and freedom of Association WON!

“While we may differ on Matters of Rights against those of Belief, ethics or Religion, the mere fact that the church came out to impress on its views speaks volumes of how much we have entrenched our democracy. Now that the demo and calls have been made, it is our belief that the church leadership will be available to be engaged in constructive dialogue so as to appreciate the facts surrounding the issues they were Marching for,” reads in part the statement.

Added the statement: “In the absence of information, it was obvious majority participated on the face value without knowing the intricate contents of the documents developed on the same, as some of this who marched were party to their formulation after they were consulted. An honest and sincere dialogue will close these matters in the interest of everyone, once and for all!!”

Meanwhile Centre for Human Right and Rehabilitation (CHRR) has trashed the demonstrations.

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