By Robert Kumwenda

As stories relating to massive routing of public funds in several government departments continues to take a Centre stage opposition Umodzi Party (UP) leader Professor John Chisi has blamed the current ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government over too much corruption.

He said politicians are interested in uneducated people whom most of them live in rural areas because they are easy to manipulate as opposed to the educated ones.

“We are not a party for today but for generations to come and we are going to create a foundation which everyone will never break. We have messed up this country because of naivety and corruption,” he said.

The UP leader also blamed government for failing to employ teachers and doctors because of lacking visionary leadership to take the country where it is supposed to be.

Chisi said he knows what the problems which Malawians are facing because he became a professor here not outside the country.

He further said that once voted into power there are going to pass justice for all so that people who still public money or committed various offences should be arrested unlike it is now where people who committed such offences are just released on bail.

Chisi sentiments were echoed by the party’s Secretary General Innocent Mphaya who said Malawians minds have been corrupted that they cannot think.

He said we need to think we are to build this country and be focus saying that we to uproot the tree of corruption and plant a new one which is the UP party.

On the same development Vice President Saulos Chilima has condemned high levels of corrupt practices that are happening in government a development which has been dismissed by Information and Communications Technology minister Nicolas Dausi who has said that the vice president cannot blame government which he himself is part of.

Earlier this year President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika admitted that there is indeed corruption in the Executive, Judiciary and legislative arm of the government and even in the district councils during the memorial ceremony of John Chilembwe at Providence Industrial Mission (PIM) in Chiradzulu district.

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