By Robert Kumwenda

Stories about politicians and top government officials stealing public money are all over the World, but Malawi case has worsened.

Malawi got its independence 53 years ago from the British government. AS of to date the country remains poor and its citizen live in miserable lives and access to social services is a big challenge especially for people in rural areas such that the majority of them drink water from unprotected streams and rivers which poses a threat to their health.

Drug theft in public hospitals is high, worse still there is high unemployment rate among the youth and frequents electricity black outs remains the order of the day which is also a major challenge for investors and the country’s economic growth.

Professor John Chisi, Umodzi Party (UP) leader sees a new vision that can bail out the country from the challenges it is grappling in.

He said wind of change is blowing over Malawi as the country is going towards 2019 polls and he sees a brighter future for Malawi. Despite the huge challenges ordinary Malawians are going through.

“The first thing we must to do if we are to end the challenges the country’s is going through is to educate its citizen because no country can develop if its citizens are not educated and we must invest in the energy sector which is the engine for development,” he said.

The UP leader said we need to change the public service system if we are to fight corruption which has negatively affect the country’s development because very few individuals are benefiting at the expense of ordinary Malawians in the village.

Chisi also said Malawians have suffered a lot and it is sad to see neighboring countries like Mozambique which was at civil war for sixteen good which has progressed a lot in terms of development than us economically the same with Rwanda because of good leadership with good vision.

“We have been ruled by the very same people that were in Malawi Congress Party (MCP) who only change political parties but their vision is the same old vision of MCP that is the reason why the country has remained stagnant,” he said.

As the wind of change is blowing over Malawi we must usher in new leaders that can take the country to greater heights because we have the resources but we are not using them in the right way to benefit its citizens.

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