Police in Mzimba have shot dead a wild animal which stormed Amazing Grace Private Secondary School and bite off one student while she was asleep.

According to police report, the incident occurred during the night of Wednesday at the said school which is situated at Nkhamenya.

the animal

Facts are that during that night, the students were sleeping in their respective hostels and at around midnight, the victim, Violet Nkhata, 16 heard a strong bite on her left foot.

She then woke up and saw a wild animal which looked like a dog inside her mosquito net.

After screaming for help, her fellow students woke up and ran to the corner of the hostel while the fox like animal was just biting off everything including wooded beds and buckets.

Later, the whole school was aware of the situation and the school’s deputy headteacher, Moses Manda came to the scene and called the police.

The law enforcers came and they were unable to enter the hostel as the animal was close to the door and looked furious.

After struggling to move the animal from the door, the police later shot dead the animal.

The form 2 victim was sent to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Meanwhile, the wild animal is currently being kept at police waiting to be identified by parks and wildlife officers.



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