By Orchestra Kamanga

Aspirant Independent Parliamentarian for Blantyre South West Constituency Elliot Makhamba Phiri has donated Bicycle Ambulance to Namande Community in the Group Village Headman Scot and A stretcher to Kabwatika in the village head woman Chemusa plus balls to boys and girls in the area.

He said he decided to donate Bicycle Ambulance to Namande community for easy transportation with patients because there is long distance from the community to the health Centre at Mpemba and Madziabango.

“My main purpose of donating these health facilities to the community is to alleviate the suffering of what people of the area are facing especially when someone is ill ,” he said.

Elliot Makhamba- Phiri also donated assorted item to Soche area during the month of Ramadhan such as Maize flour, cooking oil, Rice, Soap, just to mention but a few.

He also said he donated ball to the girls and boys in the constituency to keep them busy so that they should refrain from indulging in immoral behavior like chamba smoking, drug abuse, sexual intercourse and ending early marriages He then urged them to vote for him in 2019 tripartite elections to continue development and uplifting their lives.

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