President Professor Peter Mutharika has called on voters in Mzuzu to vote wisely in the forthcoming elections.

Mutharika made the remarks in Mzuzu during whistle stop tours he is conducting in the northern region campaigning for his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

In his remarks, Mutharika said the future of Malawi will be determined on how they will vote on May 21.

“You have the opportunity to decide whether you want to move the country forward or backward,” Mutharika said.

He further told the crowd that they should not be moved with lies the opposition is feeding them.

He added that it is only him, and the DPP that have the welfare of Malawians at heart,

“They are living in big houses in town, but they do not love you. They are selfish people” he said.

He continued telling them not to give those in opposition a chance to lead the country as they will not be able to develop the country.

“On May 21, do not give them the chance,” Mutharika said.

He further pleaded with the northerners to vote for him in the forthcoming elections by reminding them on the developments his government has implemented in the region and what he will do if given a fresh mandate in the next polls.

“Do not forget me on May 21, vote for me and DPP Councilors and Members of Parliament,” he pleaded.

He added; “I will upgrade this city.”

Mutharika concluded by asking everyone to vote on May 21.

“Do not forget May 21, let everyone vote. Your vote is very important,” he said.

Mutharika is currently in northern region campaigning for his DPP ahead of May 21elections. �?�

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