Dr BINGU wa MUTHARIKA sounded desparate at “machete” wielding young cadets


By Our Correspondent

On Sunday the 7th August, 2011, President Bingu Mutharika hosted his “machete” wielding young cadets to a meeting at Sanjika. Later on he danced with his brother and the young cadets. The sad thing was that the young cadets were served with food in lunch boxes instead of a buffet meal in chaffing dishes. This was an insult to the cadets. It was also claimed the group included vendors. The president promised them loans from YADEF and yet YADEF loans are from funds approved by parliament. This is corruption. The only surprising thing was the recognition of vendors who were harshly chased from the streets by force only two years ago. How could the president who had directed his ruthless former Minister of Local Government Hon. George Chaponda MP to involve the police in chasing the vendors from the streets think of them now? The vendors lost their capital in the process. Until today, vendors are not free to sell their wares in Blantyre in fear of City of Blantyre Workers. This is why some commentators think the people who went to Sanjika were not genuine vendors but DPP Youth Cadets from Thyolo and Mulanje. The President introduced his brother Peter Mutharika as the next President of the Republic of Malawi and yet he is aware of what has ignited the Arab insurrections. President Mubarak of Egypt was grooming his son Garmel to take over power from him. President Gaddafi of Libya was grooming his son Islam to take over power from him. The Arabs in the two states rejected the status quo as being non- democracy. Then why should President Mutharika act as if he were not aware of these negative public reactions? Does he take Malawians voters as fools? He insists to have his brother take over from him. Why? He is desperate. He knows that he has been involved in high level corruption and the only person who can protect him is his own brother. Fortunately, the people of Malawi who will vote in 2014 know why the president is doing this. Consequently, they will be motivated to vote in large numbers to stop Mutharika from escaping justice…

The machete boys (DPP Youth cadets)
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