President Bingu wa Mutharika has said that problems facing Malawi are not unique citing counties like France, Portugal, and Spain who are buried in deep financial debts but also the USA and its economic turmoil.

In a thirty minute nation address aired on the state run television, the president elucidated on the events surrounding the 17th July demonstrations in which 19 people lost their lives. He blamed the deaths on the organizers of the demonstrations, civil society and the opposition claiming that these people have no remorse or regress as they shed crocodile tears; give token coins to the bereaved worst still lay wreaths for the lost lives.

Furthermore, the president went on to blame some international organizations stationed in Malawi for funding some the NGOs and also instigating violence under the guise of peaceful demonstrations.

A visibly thought occupied Mutharika then outlined a ten point plan on how to improve problems rocking the nation including the forex, fuel shortages, citing that plans are under way to construct feul reserves in all the three regions of Malawi (Central, North, South). He concluded by quoting that one can fool people sometime but not all the time in a direct reference to the demonstrations organizers who in his mind fooled him by insisting on having a peaceful demonstration which later on turned bananas before asking God to save Malawi motherland from destruction.

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