Thanks should go to Bishop Zuza for singling out culture of blaming others as the main contributor to the instability in our country. It is true that generally, Malawians use the culture of blaming others as an escape strategy. A houseboy ironing shirts for his master does not take responsibility when shirt has burnt. His uses the iron as an excuse. Similarly a nanny does not take responsibility when a child falls and cries. The excuse is that the child has injured itself and is crying. Lazy farmers who plant their crops blame poor rains and yet their village mate who planted with first rains harvested bumbler crop. The same is true with teachers whose class has high failure rate, he blames the pupils and yet other classes do better. The president of Malawi is blaming car imports for lo foreign currency in the country but does not accept to have contributed to the forex shortage due to his globe trotting, purchase of a jet, externalization of money by Mota Engel for importation road construction materials  and influx of Chinese traders. When Mota Engel is paid for its services, does it keep the money in Malawi? Instead of the president taking responsibility, he denies and blames those who import cars. Does not know that government has been benefitting from car imports from the high duty that is collected by the MRA? Recently, the president has been complaining against the Civil Society for challenging his decisions such as signing section 46 into law, the injunction law and his unexplained wealth. He gets upset and yet he did the same when he assumed office. He authorized the ACB to arrest Hon Jumbe on suspicion to have stolen from public coffers to construct his hotel. The ACB was asking Jumbe to explain the sources of his finances. Similarly, he arrested his mentor Bakili Muluzi to explain where he got money to construct Keza Office Park. Now it is Bingu’s turn to explain where he got money to buy Ndata Farm and construct a mansion estimated to over K600million within a period a seven years. Worse still the mansion and all ancillary works were constructed by Mota Engel –the same company doing government jobs. Is that not corruption? If that is not corruption what constitutes corruption? Bingu is now crying for mercy, blaming the Civil Society and media houses for exposing his corruption. Why can’t Bingu accept and take responsibility for the mess he has created. He only wants to be associated with good things like food security and antiretroviral drugs but not the other things? What type of a person is Bingu who is pleased with goods things but hates the truth? Bishop Zuza spoke what God had informed his mind. Preaching is an inspiration from God. God has a reason for every preaching ceremony. Long Live the Catholic Church. The origin of the culture of blame is the colonialists. During their administration they had secret agents who fed them with lies on things that happened when they were away. This culture resulted in many suffering for nothing. And this is the culture that spread into homes and became part of Malawian life. It is a mental paradigm which no one can deny. It is with everyone in his head. This is why Bishop Zuza deserve commendation for

Speaking about it openly in front of Bingu. It is expected that all churches will include the blame game as a teaching subject in their respective churches.

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