by Atusaye Kamwambi

A contingent of athletes that was supposed to take part in the Zone XI Olympic games in Mozambique is on its way back after being denied participation in the tournament because they had not paid affiliation fee for the tourney. The Malawi contingent is supposed to pay roughly K11m for the athletes to participate in the event. In an interview on ZBS radio on their way back from Mozambique, head of delegation for the contingent Haxson Chapasa confirmed of their return whilst narrating their ordeal “its true that we were sleeping in a bus because we had not paid not even a single dollar otherwise if we had paid something they said they could have given us a hostel to sleep” he was quoted.
The Malawi contingent was represented by swimming, boxing and taekwondo disciplines. It yet to be known whether lack of finances within the athletics bodies else something just went a miss

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