The Anglican Church of Southern Africa is inviting members of the Communion to join a carbon offset scheme here which will be see trees planted at Anglican Churches and Institutions across Southern Africa.

“The idea is that for every flight that taken by Anglican Communion members you can pay for trees to be planted,” said Rachel Mash ACSA’s Environmental Coordinator. “These will be looked after by members of the Anglican church, either through churches, schools or institutions such as orphanages. As well as offsetting your carbon emissions, you can create beauty and shade.”

Climate change affects all of us, but Africa is the most vulnerable.
Although the best solution is to cut out air travel where at all possible, there are times when we need to travel by plane. In order to offset the carbon emissions from your flight, you can purchase trees that will be cared for by Anglican churches, schools, creches or orphanages.

Deforestation is responsible for about 20% of global warming.

Reforestation is a critical part of the solution. Planting trees absorbs carbon dioxide to reduce climate change, it improves air quality, preserves biodiversity, controls flooding by minimizing runoff and topsoil loss and provides habitat and nutrition for wildlife.

Rachel added, “Africa is the continent most vulnerable to climate change and assisting by planting trees is one small action we can all take.”

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