The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) on Wednesday took time to brief the local telecommunications and ICT sectors on the new resolution made at the World Radio Communication conference in Geneva last month.

Opening the meeting in Blantyre Macra Director General Charles Nsaliwa said the outcome of the WRC conference would ensure proper utilisation and management of radio frequencies which is a vital and scarce resource for the ICT industry.

He said it was impressive that most of the resolutions which were made locally and at regional level were adopted.

“This year the conference made a number of key decisions with respect to a number of areas such as identification of the second ‘digital dividend’ that will enable the introduction of more high speed broadband wireless access systems, facilitate harmonisation of frequencies for electronic news gathering and enhance the coordination of process to ensure long term spectrum availability,” said Nsaliwa.

He added that further studies have been proposed on the harmonisation of short range devices on a global scale and revise the channelling arrangements of some bands to facilitate introductions of digital technologies.

Speaking earlier Macra Deputy Director of Spectrum Management Lloyd Momba said the resolutions would be implemented in the next two to three years.

“Our focus is to ensure the long term availability of spectrum for all technologies and we will continue to conduct wide consultations on these issues as we strive for a common position,” Momba said.

The WRC conference is organised by the Radio Communications Section of the

(ITU) every three to four years to widely discuss and finds solutions to technical issues regarding radio communications services across the globe.

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