Multichoice Malawi subscribers are feeling the pinch of Monday’s devaluation of the Kwacha. Their subscription rates have increased.

“Customers on PVR Decoders are now paying K29,000.00 up from K17, 000.00 to watch quality digital images for a month,” says one of the subscribers from Zomba.

Multichoice Malawi, a franchise of MultiChoice Africa

The company’s decision to increase their prices is in direct response to The Reserve Bank of Malawi’s announcement on Monday that the Kwacha will now be trading at K250.00 per US Dollar up from K168.00. Companies, like Multichoice Malawi, are increasing their prices to adjust to the devaluation as a result.

Those on Premium Bouquet will now be paying around K 25,000.00 from the earlier K16, 400.00. Subscription costs for other Bouquets (Compact Plus, Compact and Access) have also been adjusted following the devaluation of the Kwacha.

Titania Katenga Kaunda, Multi choice Malawi Manager for the North and Centre, says this is a matter between the banks and subscribers and did not comment much beyond that statement.

Multi choice Malawi General Manager Steven Nite was unavailable to comment on this matter.

Some subscribers in Malawi say the adjustments do not match with the rates in devaluation.

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