Over 100 thousand euros for the project already announced the construction of 10 new schools for children of Malawi. After the notorious failure of the initiative for opening a school for poor girls, the star has decided to use the proceeds from winning Italian Superenalotto to finance the project that will aim to educate 1000 children a year, especially girls.

During her recent stay in Rome for dell’MDNA Tour, in fact, the former Material Girl has sent a trusted assistant to buy from the central Tobacco Modern Gallery, near Piazza Della Repubblica, usually frequented by celebrities including international, well- 100 lottery tickets and 14 SuperEnalotto SiVinceTutto, number dictated by the luck of the famous singer, who actually planned the birth of their daughter Lourdes Maria precisely on the day October 14, 1996.

Madonna has thus made it known earlier on that she will donate to Malawi the cause of the sum of 120,000 Euros to put an end to the numerous criticisms emerged so far for pledges not honored.

The passion for the game of Miss Ciccone is well known. As well as its commitment to joint initiatives. Already in her previous visits to Italy had tried their luck for a good purpose. In Venice last year during the Mostradel Cinema had purchased the coupons and the proceeds would be donated to charity always in favor of Malawi, one of the poorest countries of Africa, where the Italian-American singer has already participated in a program help AIDS orphans. Now it’s raining in London the news of the win.

But Madonna is not the only celebrity who loves to play. Not even the rich and famous are not immune to lottery fever. Recently, the Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley has announced via Twitter that he bought over 50 tickets in the popular Mega Millions.

Is no less the star of Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise, who, during the promotional tour in Spain last chapter in the saga known spy, became immortalized with a ticket lottery super El Gordo, the most famous in the world .

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