Legal commentators on Wednesday reiterated their advice to the administration of President Joyce Banda to follow procedures and the constitution in her decisions to fire and hire senior government officials to avoid wastage of tax payer’s money through compensations for ‘unlawful’ dismissals.

This comes as the authorities have fired Director of the Anti Corruption Bureau Alex Nampota from his post as and have since ordered him to hand over his office to senior officials at the institution

This also follows earlier recommendations by the Public Appointments committee of parliament to president Banda to have the clerk of parliament Maltida Katopola reinstated with reports indicating that the move would have cost the tax payer over MK800 million in compensation.

Members of parliament in the UK have also queried the hiring and firing of senior government officials by the PP regime without following the right procedure.

Professor of Law at Chancellor College Edge Kanyongolo told Capital Radio that although the process cannot be generalised it’s important that the law is followed before someone is fired.

He cited section 43 of the constitution where it is stipulated that such administrative decisions must be based on principles of natural justice.

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