JZU denies dumping opposition role


Malawi Congress Party (M C P) president John Tembo has refuted assertions that he has abandoned his role as leader of opposition.

Speaking on Sunday at a rally he addressed at Nathenje in Lilongwe, Tembo said there are some issues which President Joyce Banda has not yet tackled and promised the people that when such issues come out, he will oppose them.

“There are some issues which have not yet been tackled. What will the president say on the issue of same sex marriages? We are still waiting. Should we play around with the issue of marriages? Don’t take it for granted that MCP will not oppose. What if this issue comes out? When it comes out, you will hear from me, from MCP,” said the leader of opposition.

Tembo also said Section 65 of the constitution should be implemented.

“Someone recently asked me about my position on Section 65. I should say here that constitutional issues do not need voices from individuals. Everyone should respect the constitution,” Tembo said.

He however said it was funny to see the former ruling DPP calling for the implementation of the section, yet the party did not want it implemented some years ago.

Speaking to scores of the party’s supporters, who included some youth wearing League of Malawi Youth uniforms, Tembo also supported the recent dismissals of top government, describing them as Kupseda [sweeping].

“Let the president sweep, if she feels like doing so. These people [Democratic Progressive Party-DPP-government] messed up things. If someone who was insulting me on MBC [Malawi Broadcasting Corporation] is fired, should I oppose that?”Tembo asked.

At the meeting, Tembo maintained his stand on the need for universal fertiliser subsidy, arguing that all people should be treated equally on the issue of food security.

Among people present at the rally were the party’s MPs, regional chairman Daniel Mlomo, deputy secretary general Beston Majoni, and central region chair lady of the women’s league, Hilda Manjamkhosi.

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