In a classic case of sadism, a house servant in Soche East in Malawi’s commercial city, Blantyre, turned on his master: brutally murdered him, buried him in a waist-deep pit and made away with his car.

The murdered boss is 51-year-old Richard Nsamala, an employee of Indebank who was single.

Nsamala’s body was exhumed Thursday afternoon, witnessed by hordes of neighbours who caused a commotion as they jostled to have a better
view as police officers moved in to do their job.

Head of Criminal Investigations Department in Malawi Police Service (MPS) Bob Mtekama said in an interview the house servant, 26-year-old Timothy Sinalo, strangulated his boss assisted by a colleague Kenneth Chimwanga between the night of Saturday and Sunday.

He said they later buried the body within the fence before driving his car away to a hideout in Bvumbwe, Thyolo.

Said Mtekama at College of Medicine where the body was taken for post-mortem: “T/A Bvumbwe got suspicious about the car in one of his villages and reported the matter to Bvumbwe Police.

The police went there and arrested four people that were found with the car, a Toyota Marino.”

He said Sinalo earlier claimed he was a brother to Nsamala, but when an elder brother of Nsamala, Martin, met them, he admitted Nsamala was not his brother, but claimed his boss had gone down to Nsanje, his home area.

The police investigative chief said the four were brought to Soche Police and a search was conducted at Nsamala’s Soche East residence on Tuesday, but it yielded nothing.

Mtekama said: “We pressed them today [Wednesday] to disclose what happened to Nsamala and the house servant revealed that he murdered him together with his friend. They also revealed that they buried him within the fence.”

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