Malawi Police authorities have expressed ignorance on the day, when fugitive Misozi Chanthunya, who is accused of murdering his alleged Zimbabwean girlfriend Linda Gasa , will be extradited from South Africa.

National police spokesperson Davie Chingwalu attributed the delay in the extradition process of Chanthunya into Malawi from South Africa to legal implications of his case.

According to Chingwalu the implications came about following Chanthunya’s appeal after a court in South Africa ruled that he should be extradited.

Chingwalu told Malawi news agency in Lilongwe that the issue is currently being handled by the ministry of Justice and constitutional affairs.

Chingwalu said: “The issue is being handled by our friends at Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. This is after Chanthunya appealed against extradition to Malawi.

“As such, we don’t know actually what is happening concerning the exact date his repatriation will be effected.”

Chingwalu, however, hinted that government was trying all it could to extradite him and to answer charges of murder.

He expressed confidence that justice will prevail as soon as his extradition is done.

“Government is trying all it can to ensure that he is back and answer charges of murder, but all depends on the agreement our government and our counterparts in South Africa will make over this issue,” he added.

Officials of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs were not immediately available for comment.

Chanthunya was charged with murder, for allegedly killing his Zimbabwean girlfriend Gasa in 2010.

Chanthunya had been on the run since September, 2010 and was arrested on January 23, 2012 in South Africa.

A court in South Africa allowed his extradition upon request from Malawi government, but Chanthunya appealed against extradition to Malawi.

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