Serious failure by most Malawian households to meet key nutritional requirements as recommended by the World Health Organization-WHO-remains a challenge to most Malawians, a latest study has shown.

The Centre for Social Concern-CFSC’s-fourth quarter Rural Basic Needs Basket indicates that most Malawians are suffering from the effects of income and nutritional poverty in the face of the ensuing economic downturn.

The centre further predicts this trend is likely to continue if not addressed.

“Since the Malawi economy started to show signs of a serious slowdown, a high percentage of struggling households have plunged into extreme poverty and as a consequence their household incomes are inadequate to meet the cost of basic food and essential non-food items,” says CFSC in a statement.

The centre further said there is a deficiency in key nutritional requirement among most poor Malawians based on a study conducted in at least four selected rural districts of Malawi including Chikhwawa, Lilongwe rural, Zomba rural and Dedza.

The study says 76 % of households in rural areas failed to meet the cost of essential non-food items.

“To make the necessary change in the lives of Malawians affected by nutritional poverty requires concerted and broad multi-sectoral approach,” recommends the centre.

Meanwhile most Malawians are living below the poverty line.

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