For the first two weeks in November, Bill Truebenbach and Tim Ulrich of Jesus Cares Ministries, an outreach arm of The Lutheran Home Association, will visit Kingdom Workers in Malawi, Africa. They will focus on bringing the gospel to people there with intellectual and developmental disabilities, a first-ever endeavor.

The purpose of this trip is to determine how Jesus Cares Ministries can partner with Kingdom Workers to share the gospel with the disabled in Malawi. It is our hope and prayer that information gathered during this visit will lead to a partnership between these two outreach organizations. The desired end result is to create a stream of volunteers from the U. S. to join the members of our Malawi mission in specially training Malawians to witness the saving message of Jesus to this group of people in great need. Our brothers and sisters in Malawi are encouraging this opportunity with open arms.

Be a part of this endeavor by making a donation. A total of $6,000 dollars is needed for the assessment phase of the initiative, and your contribution will be most appreciated. Will you help?


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