Death haunts UNIMA institutions


……5 students die mysterious deaths at UNIMA institutions in two years

Mysterious deaths at the University of Malawi institutions leave morequestions than answers. There have been a series of death since thepast year at the institutions. After every strike, semester,peacefully demonstration, a student dies at one of the government funded institutions.

Since last year about five students have died at the institutions andthe deaths were both politically motivated, natural disasters and drugand substance abuse.Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa died a brutal death in the morninghours of 24th September, 2011 and an inquiry to investigate circumstances surrounding his mysterious death.The results of the inquiry are now being seen as police has arrestedpeople connected to the death of the then 4th year Mechanical Engineering student at the UNIMA institution.

Another student was hit by a speeding vehicle when crossing at thezebra-marked crossing at the Polytechnic. The death of the student was followed by massive demonstrations and police had to fire teargas todispense the angry students who smashed and burnt the vehicle that hittheir fellow student.Early September this year, a 3rd year Bachelor of Science student at Chancellor College died a death that leaves questions till today. She was discovered dead at her hostel at the institution by her colleagues who later claimed she took an overdose following an argument with her boyfriend who is also a student at the institution. But other sourcesclaimed the deceased girl died after she was attacked earlier that week in a nearby village close to the university campus.

Recently, about a week ago, another student died at Chancellor College after excessively drinking alcohol with eating any other food.Sources close to the deceased told the media that the deceased, namewithheld drunk a mixture of beers the day he died. He later collapsedon his way from the nearby Chikanda township where he also drunk a lotof locally brown beer.Is it coincidence or death is really haunting the Malawi governmentfunded institutions? Reduced strikes, proper management andorganisation of activities at these institutions can help eliminatethese mysterious deaths. Regulation of drug and substance usage canalso be one the ways the can be used to reduce deaths of our belovedyoung ones and leaders of tomorrow.

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