Lives of some residents in Blantyre city are in danger as they have resorted to drawing water from unprotected places following three days of dry taps.

The situation has brought panic amongst residents as there is no hope of having water supply soon.

The most affected areas are Naperi, Chilobwe, Zingwangwa, some parts of Ndirande, Nkolokosa and Machinjiri.

Blantyre Water Board officials have been going around some townships announcing that consumers should expect dry taps in the next few days, attributing the situation to the breakage of one of the major pipes in Ndirande.

However, the board has not announced as to when consumers should expect normal water supply.

Residents of these areas are also questioning the board’s failure to provide water though the bowsers during this period.

The residents are now resorting to drawing water from unprotected sources like rivers, which is putting lives of people at risk of waterborne diseases.

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