Brass Band Aid, the charity that saw hundreds of brass bands club together earlier this year to raise over £250,000 for charity has finally achieved its objective. The money has enabled the charity to build a Trombone School in Malawi.

Trustee Mitchell Laymore said, “The school will provide free tuition in wearing crisply pressed cotton trousers and knocking out a few unrecognisable tunes on trombone. It will make such a huge difference to the people of Malawi, who were desperately short of trouser discipline and brass playing ability. We cannot thank all the bands what helped us achieve our goal enough!”

Chief of Malawi’s Uteke Um-Bongo tribe, Mboto Mbanda, said, “We were hoping for a well with clear running water, or at least a flushing toilet. Now we get a trouser and trombone school”.

Mitchell Laymore said, “Next year we will call on those same brass bands to pull together to raise another £250,000! This will go towards setting up the first ever Malawi National Brass Band Championship with a separate award for smartest trousers!”

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