Salima District Hospital has won the award of excellence for being clean and infection free for the fifth year in a row.

The Ministry of Health confers the award to all deserving hospitals that satisfy World Health Organisation (WHO) standards on hygiene and disease infection control for hospitals.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency on Monday during a party organidsed to celebrate the award, Salima District Health Officer, Florence Bwanali said all members of staff are delighted they maintained good standards for a period of five years.

“We first broke to stardom in 2007 when we were awarded with a shield and since then we have been on top till this year when we have been awarded with a trophy.

“We are really proud of the work everyone is doing to make this hospital smart and infection free,” said Bwanali.

Bwanali explained that the award means the hospital grounds, offices, wards, kitchen and operating theatres are always clean and that waste disposal at the hospital is properly done.

Although the award does not come with any monetary prize, the DHO in conjunction with their partner CARE Malawi arranged a party and monetary prizes to members of staff as part of staff motivation.

“We have sourced some finances from our partner CARE Malawi to organise this party for the staff and to give money prizes to members whose departments did extremely well to enable us win this ward,” said Bwanali.

A staff member William Kaunda said he was delighted with the award and the gesture shown by the hospital to recognize the contribution of each and every member of staff at the hospital.

“I am really pleased with the award and what management has done, I hope other members of staff are happy too and I believe we are motivated that we will work hard next year to retain the award,” said Kaunda.

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