Police heavily beat a blind student at Chirunga hostel after he failed to escape tear gas, the media has established.

The student, who refused to be mentioned, said he was heavily manhandled by police when they got him stranded after police had fired tear gas to force students out of their hostel rooms.

“I tried to explain my natural problem but they didn’t listen. They beat me very had until some guy had to come to my rescue,” he said, almost in tears.

After noticing the situation, a small group of combat students led by one Chipulumutso Asabuni desperately joined the scene to come to the blind student’s rescue.

The heavily beaten blind student
The heavily beaten blind student

However, the other students withdrew, leaving Asabuni alone until he was rounded up and picked by police.

They violently beat him up as well, but as they took him to their vehicle for handcuffing he slipped off their hands and escaped.

Police chased him but he was too quick for the armed officers.

Asabuni has sustained vivid marks and bruises on his back as a result of heavy beating.

Mid last year, the current Inspector General of Police, Mr Loti Dzonzi, in his maiden visit to Chanco following his appointment, said police would never again invade the campus with tear gas.

Source: Chanco Storm

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